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cat gymWelcome to the Cat Gym website, where you will find all sorts of items and ideas for happy, healthy cats and kittens. We have cat gyms, cat condos, cat trees, scratching posts, cat toys, and more.


If you are looking to shop for a cat gym, cat tree, cat scratcher, cat tower, cat condo, or scratching post, cat  you may want to visit one, or more, of the following pages:



 Cat gyms – cat trees – cat towers  |  Cat scratchers and scratching posts  | Cat Condos



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Cat gyms and cat scratchers provide outlets that your cat(s) and/or kitten(s) desperately need.  Many behavioral problems arise from your cat/kitten not having a proper outlet for those needs.   We have written an article that covers this in more detail.  You can read that here.


We have created pages for the main categories (Cat gyms, Scratchers, and condos).  We have also created some themed categories and hand picked products for those sections.   We will likely create more themed cat furniture categories in the future.  We will also, eventually, migrate the other pages to the same style as the themed pages.  That, however, will be a time intensive task, so it may take a while.


Please note that the “Buy Now” button  just takes you to the purchase page where you can  get more information on the item and choose your options,  before adding it to your shopping cart.


Many of the cat gyms, especially the larger ones, have condos build into them.  On some of them it may not be readily apparent, due to the design.  For example, some that are designed like trees have a hollow trunk and several entrance from the various perches on the outside.  Some cat furniture may be smaller or larger than what it seems to be in the picture, so make sure to always check the details on the product to get the dimensions. 




P.S.   If you are interested in adopting a cat please visit your local animal shelter, or visit for a listing of adoptable cats, and shelters near you.